We got our cabin!

The cabin!

The cabin!

Our 12×18 cabin got delivered a couple of weeks ago, and we are just stoked. It’s just a shell, so we have to install insulation, flooring, walls, everything. It came with two lofts: one for sleeping, one for storage. We’ll be figuring out how to build a bathroom, stairs, a kitchen. It’s honestly smaller and set up closer to the road than we would prefer, but until we can afford a yurt a little further down on our ranch, this is what we have! We’ll be living the tiny house way. Or as R prefers to call it, a “mini house.”

Celebrating with Loki.

Celebrating with Loki.

From the back.

From the back.

We are still in Utah for the next two weeks until we make our final move to the ranch. And just about the moment we move, we have things that need to be accomplished right away. We’ll have about 6 weeks of decent weather before the snow starts flying, so you can imagine all that we need to do to make the cabin survivable for the winter. At nearly 7600′, there will be just a little snow and cold we’ll have to contend with. Our very first project will be putting insulation on the bottom side of the cabin, which means jacking it up, putting blocks underneath it, and getting under there to tack in 2″ extruded foam insulation. That’s FIRST. Then, ya know, about a million other things…

There's our bedroom up there.

That’s our bedroom up there.

But for now, look how rad our little cabin looks!

The view from what will be our bathroom.

The view from what will be our bathroom.

One thought on “Cabin!

  1. We are thrilled you are back in Colorado and are now residents in your beautiful and awesome paradise! We love your cabin and will actually get to see it in a week. We love following your journey and can’t wait to read the next chapter. We love you, Mom & Pops


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