Moving Day.

We officially live in CO now! Two days ago we took our last trip from Utah to CO, with lots of wonderful help from our buddy Dave. The drive was fairly uneventful (Zeppy did poop in my backseat, which was lovely), and it felt like pure paradise when we got here. We celebrated with lots of beer (and rum, oy) and a campfire. We even got our first “welcome to the neighborhood” from the local wildlife when a skunk decided to spray my car as we drove past it.


Thanks Dave!


Dave and R discussing important issues over beer.


Amelia’s protector.


Mmmm, campfire.

The animals have been settling in pretty nicely and we’ve started a few projects. We have so much to do we NEED to prioritize. Luckily we talked to a guy who knows about insulation who recommended we don’t insulate underneath our cabin, so we decided to forgo that project. Talk about a weight off our shoulders. We figure if it gets stupid cold this winter we can always do that later. 


Storage loft is the best thing. BEST.


Even the kitty is exhausted.

Tomorrow we’re getting insulation, plywood, and lumber delivered, and it’ll be time to insulate, build bathroom walls, and start building stairs. In the meantime today I’ll start clearing a spot for Amelia’s enclosure, after we finish our beers here in town! And it might even rain today (which would be wonderful!).


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