We have babies!


Kale babies!

Tiny sprout babies.


Several days ago we put two small garden plots together, one in a big tub and another small bed near our house. In the tub: onions, kale, spinach. In the bed: mint, radishes, kale, spinach.


Mint. Radish babies have since popped up too.


Protector of the garlic.

So far the kale and radishes have sprouted. Hoping to have a bit of fresh food in the next couple of months. Radishes grow quickly and should only take about 25 days. We’ve also planted 3 types of garlic in 3 big garden beds, to be ready to harvest next summer.


It’s like we’re farmers!

So excited!

3 thoughts on “Sprouts.

  1. Hey girl~ I am so enjoying your journey, thanks for sharing it~ I would like to throw in 2 cents…be careful of that mint you planted in that bed. It will take over ALL THE THINGS… and suck the life out of everything. Just a little warning from the “it happened to me and I am still tring to rid mysef of the intruder” experience ❤ Be well, I'll be reading~ Tina


  2. That’s wonderful,
    I wish you the best, — leaf type Chicorys are also fairly hardy for fall greens. [slightly bitter, but nice.]
    I also had leaf lettuce all winter, last year, it was more hardy than I expected. Glad you got the garlic in the ground, let us know when it sprouts, ..
    thanks for sharing, -Michael


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