There’s lots of wildlife up here. We see deer, fox, and even bears on a regular basis. There was even a painted box turtle down the road from us! Have yet to see a mountain lion but we know they’re near. Anyway, the one pest we’re encountering on a nightly basis are skunks. They think it’s pretty cool to come up onto our porch every night to rummage through everything.


R says, “he is not my friend.”

After about a week of this, I decided skunks really have the best defense system over any other animal. It’s not like we can go running out yelling at it, or worse, send the dog out to scare him off. I’ve already had my car sprayed twice. Trapping and relocating it? Means he needs to be INSIDE a vehicle. A pissed off skunk inside your car does not sound like a fun time.



Well one night we were still sitting outside with Loki, enjoying a beer, gazing at the stars, when our resident skunk came meandering up our driveway. Loki went tearing after it, he got sprayed, the skunk ran under our cabin, at which point R started throwing rocks at it and shining lights in its eyes. It wouldn’t budge from under the cabin, but we didn’t see it for a few days afterwards.


Fluffy tail.

He showed up again to rummage the other night. I guess we’ll just have to put up with him? Try to scare him off when we can? Skunks.   


One thought on “Skunks.

  1. Stefanie – so love your website! Skunks and all! And so much progress! Just picked up your blogs that have been going into the “social” column instead of direct into “inbox” so just got caught up – I’ll remember now to check each time!

    Keep up the great job! We really understand and appreciate what the two of you are doing.

    With love, Aunt Jackie & Ralph


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