It’s been a crazy month (not surprisingly), what with new jobs, having animals to care for, and trying to get ready for winter, that we’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed! We’re waiting… impatiently… for some big stuff to get delivered to our cabin (hopefully tomorrow!!), to finish some of the bigger projects, so for now we’ve been keeping busy with getting little projects done.


Fancy hardwood floors.

One of the things we’re waiting on is our walls, so since we already had our hardwood flooring, we went ahead and installed that. So nice not to be walking on plywood anymore. It’s that click-together flooring, so even a monkey could probably figure it out. If we can do it, anyone can. Underneath we put a vapor barrier-type paper for flooring, an insulation layer, then the floor. Our floors are so dark and pretty!


Smells of rich mahogany.

We also built a box for our propane tanks. We were given an 8-gallon and a 5-gallon tank, which should suffice us for now. Now we have a nice solid box on the outside of our cabin where they’ll sit and the flex line for the propane will feed through the wall.


Yay! Cooking!

Also started our firewood collection. There’s about a 1/3 of a cord there now, and we’ll need at least 2 cords to get us through the winter.


And of course we needed to mark our territory!


We live here.

One thought on “Projects.

  1. The place looks like it is coming together. I’ve been keeping up but now I will get e-mailed when there are updates. 😉 The floors look BEAUTIFUL!!!


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