You have no idea how exciting walls can be. We have been waiting for weeks for our wall panels to come in, and this morning we finished putting them up! Now we don’t have to stare at insulation covered in plastic anymore. Not to say we’re finished with our house or anything… far from it… but it is a big first step. We still have to put trim along all the edges to cover all our mistakes, and finish the ceiling, but at least right now we can start putting shelving and stuff up to get it off the floor (and out of boxes!).

So we’ve gone from this:


To this!:



And look at our green children getting so big so fast:







2 thoughts on “Walls.

  1. We know how exciting walls, floors, windows, doors can be!! And toilets? Well that’s a whole other story – ha ha.
    Congratulations, the dream is coming true for you and we couldn’t be happier for you both. Love the garden!

    Embrace and enjoy every moment, even the not so great other ones (like rat poop) – it all makes for a great story and wonderful memories!


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