Woodstove. Part 1.

Oh the woodstove.

We’re working against the clock ticking quickly towards winter at the moment. Two days ago was like, BAM, last day of summer, and HEY, here’s your one day of fall, then YAY, winter. Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, today is actually pretty nice out, but it sure felt like winter came all of a sudden. Next weekend there’s a chance of snow! So we’ve been finishing up some insulation and wall panel projects and needed to at least get a start on the woodstove.

IMG_20151015_161539_595 (1)



Can you see the screw hanging from the bottom of the fishing line?


We’re waiting for a few more pieces to get delivered to us before the stove can actually be installed, but we could start figuring out where it was going to sit and get the brick laid so it could get moved inside. We needed to work from the roof down, since the piping needs to go out the roof at a certain point, and that hurt our heads. The base of the stove has different measurements than the heater part of the stove, the pipe hole sits in a certain spot, the heater needs to be a certain distance away from the wall, while the base needs to have a certain amount of brick around it… it hurt. But we figured it out (we hope)!



We made a plumb bob (I didn’t know that was what that thing was called until R pointed it out) from the ceiling to pinpoint where the center of the pipe needed to go, worked our way down to the floor, where we measured distances from the wall, the brick base, etc., until we finally got everything laid out the way we wanted it. We marked a few spots on the brick as a guideline for where the stove would sit, and with the help of one of our strong friends, it was inside the house!


Now we wait until our other pieces arrive, then we’ll be enlisting help to cut a hole in our roof (yikes), and get the thing installed! Can’t wait to fire it up!


View from the front door.     

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