When you live in a tiny house, you become experts at shelving. We have taken the creative route and are building all of our own shelving with, you guessed it, rough cut lumber. You have no idea how nice it is to put things on the walls instead of them taking up floor space! And because we have more space, we can get more of our stuff out of storage, and things are coming together.


Future kitchen.


I’d like you to take note of the box of wine and the sleeping mutt.

Our storage loft is, like, the best thing that ever happened. At the moment it’s packed full of stuff (like you’re surprised), but as we get more projects accomplished, more random materials disappear, and the more space we have. When we finally finished all of our insulation, we suddenly had that much less stuff around! Same with the walls, same with everything.


Oh yeah, and the bottle of tequila…


Spice rack!

Right now we’re waiting on one more part to arrive to finish our woodstove installation, waiting on another part for our composting toilet so that can go in, and we scored a free indoor propane cookstove and oven from a darling neighbor, so we just need to get our propane tanks filled and hooked up to finally be able to cook like real people again! We picked up another half a cord of wood, so we have about 2 cords now, and we will be ready to fire the woodstove up the moment it’s in! It has been getting cold in the mornings and this morning there was FROST. Winter’s a’comin!


Add this to the list of cool shit my car has carried.


As opposed to a heating bill!

For now we’re thankful for hot tea, whiskey (together, sometimes), our little lantern, candles, and a propane heater that uses way too much propane to run. And dog snugs.


Loki would rather just stay in bed.

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