Woodstove. Part 2.

It was a stressful, at times frustrating, at times confusing, and cold sort of day, but… we got the woodstove installed! We managed to figure out, pretty much all by ourselves, how to install it, how to get all the pieces together, and then we did it. We did need to borrow some tall ladders and a few tools from a neighbor, and he did lend a helping hand a bit, but we’re pretty proud that we basically did it all. And after several nights of very cold weather, and snow, and rain, and yuck, it was all more than worth it.


Hole in the roof!


Putting the chimney together.

From cutting a hole in the roof, to putting the chimney pieces together, to putting together the structure that physically went through the roof, to weatherproofing and sealing the chimney outside, it all worked (more or less without issue). The night of November 6th we fired up the woodstove for the first time, kicked back, and reveled in being WARM.


First fire.




All sealed.

The chimney and stove and everything is the appropriate required distance from anything combustible, but we’re still keeping a close eye on things that are close by. So far we’ve had no problems with anything getting too warm, even when the fire is roaring. There was a little haze inside the house that first night, which we were warned might happen. As the wood burns the soot helps seal the inside of the brand new chimney, and after the first few hours the haze was gone and no more smoke or anything has seeped inside. We keep a couple windows cracked because it is such a small space, and yes, even a small fire keeps us very warm! So nice to be in a tank top inside when it’s below freezing outside. It’s amazing how much more productive you feel like being when you’re warm.


Cabin looks legit now.


Dog is also pretty pleased.

Life feels about a million times easier now. Here comes winter!



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