New Year.

Oh, hey guys! Happy 2016!



We’ve been busy and distracted trying to a) survive winter, and b) work a lot. We needed some extra income so I picked up another job in town and basically every day has been a balancing act between work for both of us, the animals, and your basic off-the-grid living which includes moving firewood every day, shoveling loads of snow, hauling water, and keeping the place warm. With over 2 feet of snow outside, getting the cars up and down our hill (even in and out of our driveway) has been a challenge. It’s been a steep learning curve for wintertime!


Keeping warm.

So while it’s been challenging, even a struggle at times, we’re still here and still living the dream. With the tons of snow outside we don’t have much of a workspace, so building projects have slowed to halt for now. We knew winter was going to be a slow-going sort of challenge, so we spend our nights just stoking the woodstove, keeping warm, cooking, reading, and watching the occasional movie. Could be worse!


Stay tuned! I’m sure with wintertime more stories will come about…


My nose is cold!

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