6 months.

As of leap year day, we’ve been here 6 months! 6 months off the grid, living without things like microwaves, internet, and generators (all things people are shocked we can live without)! Granted, I’m sitting at a coffee shop right now using the internet, but we don’t have it at our house, which blows peoples’ minds. The miserable part of winter seems to have passed by, and while snow is still on the horizon for springtime, the really cold days and nights appear to be over. It has been a steep learning curve and an amazing experience so far. Both the humans and the animals are no worse for wear. Looking forward to all the days to come!



I like mud and leaves.

We managed to drop several hundred dollars at Lowe’s last week to get a bunch of materials to finally finish our ceiling. It’s coming along nicely. We also got a medicine cabinet for the bathroom, and it is starting to look more and more like a real bathroom! Do you have any idea how exciting a toilet paper holder is?!


Ceiling panels!


Coming together.


Bathroom cabinet, also notice the light!




We’ve been busy clearing brush, having bonfires, getting rid of trash, drinking beer, and generally enjoying the nice weather. Rain is in the forecast for next week, so it’ll be nice to get a lot of this stuff done with before the mud returns. I can’t believe it’s March already, which means soon we’ll be able to start planting veggies, herbs, and flowers. A greenhouse is coming soon on our to-purchase list. Also a duck/chicken coop. Also a pond. Also moving the cabin. Also getting more gravel for the driveway. Also, also, also… Never a dull moment. Now to finish my breakfast burrito and take a soak in some hot springs (never said we didn’t make time to relax too).


Ahh, nice soak by the river.

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