Spring is quite a tumultuous season in the Southern Rockies. It may be an old joke in Colorado that one day it will be 70 and sunny, and the next day you’ll get a foot of snow, but it’s TRUE. We’ve experienced basically every kind of weather in the last few weeks. Sun, rain, snow, hail, crazy wind. And usually many of those in the same day!


Super duck can handle anything.

A few days ago we experienced our first night since we got the woodstove installed, back in November, that we didn’t start a fire to get through the night. It stayed in the lovely 60s all evening in the house, and was hardly in the 50s in the morning when we got up. It was weird to not have a fire going. The few days since then have been colder, and we’ve only had to start a fire right before bed. Yesterday it snowed and rained most of the day, and we started a fire in the late afternoon. It’s supposed to continue to rain and snow for the next few days, but even the weather forecast changes every time I look at it.


“I found the sunny spot, guys.”

Just this morning, as R and I drove into town, we watched the sun rise over the mountains, and the skies were clear and beautiful. It stayed nice and sunny most of the day, started to get cloudy early afternoon, and just about an hour ago, started snowing. Oh, sweet, indecisive Colorado. But, that’s what Spring is. It’s the Earth waking up from winter and preparing and building energy for summer. It’s not supposed to be a smooth transition for anyone. And that is what’s so beautiful about it. I love that I have no idea if I’m going to use one or two pieces of firewood, or if I need to load up for the night. Keeps us on our toes.


Our new “liquor cabinet” was a nice addition.

In other news, our lives have been consumed with attempting to find and purchase a truck. We really haven’t worked on much around the house since we’ve been back from Minnesota. Since we have to share one car for the moment, we spend a lot of time driving back and forth to town since we work different schedules. It’s not ideal. But we make it work, and hey, sometimes life throws stuff at you that you’re not entirely prepared for. We’ll get through this bump like we’ve gotten through all the other ones along the way!


Takin’ advantage.

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