So, back in the fall, when we planted all of our garlic, we also planted a bunch of Jerusalem Artichokes, a low-maintenance perennial that grows many feet tall and the roots are edible. Our good friend in Utah grows them and recommended we try them for many reasons: privacy, flowers, food, etc. So we purchased some tubers (they aren’t grown from seeds), and planted them in a long garden bed we had put together right next to our driveway.


Then winter happened. We knew that was going to happen. So we didn’t really expect the garlic or the artichokes to sprout until spring anyway. Well, springtime came, and the garlic went crazy. Now some of our garlic is nearly 2 feet tall! But the artichokes… never sprouted. The garden bed we had planted them in started to get overrun with weeds and we were pretty disappointed. So yesterday I decided I was going to till up the bed really good, pull all the weeds, and plant some flowers instead.


Enjoying the sunny, artichoke-y day!

I started pulling out weeds by hand. Some come out easy, some need a little extra muscle. I pulled out one and it was attached to this big root thing. I tossed it to the side. I pulled out the one next to it. Another big root bulb thing. Then I looked down the garden bed. These “weeds” were growing in very weird, straight, evenly spaced rows. At that point I called out to R, who was working on building a dresser at the time, and he came over. “Look!” I said, “these are NOT weeds.” These were the artichokes.


These plants managed to survive with literally ZERO care. We stopped watering it months ago because we thought they just never took. You look at this plant and it seriously looks just like a weed. So now that we know that we actually meant for these little guys to live, we’ve been spoiling them a bit. Lots of water; lots of love. A handful didn’t make it, so I planted sunflowers and lavender in the vacant spots. It was very much a pleasant surprise for us.


The obligatory, Arches is really making himself right at home, sort of picture.

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