More Plants, More Wildlife.

We’ve had a few planting days, and in our second big planting day, we sowed carrots, onions, cantaloupe, brussels sprouts, and a few random flowers. So far, everything except the random flowers have sprouted and are growing well! Our third planting day we did zucchini, watermelon, and cucumber, and have since had another sprout surprise!


So when we first planted the tomatoes in the greenhouse, we had a few really cold nights, and tomatoes aren’t super hardy, so we figured they wouldn’t survive. We gave them a few weeks but nothing ever sprouted, so we went ahead and planted the zucchini, watermelon, and cucumber in the greenhouse instead. We had a couple of sprouts, and figured, well, they must be the zucchini! That’s awesome! So then, a few days later, this other HUGE sprout popped up. R assumed it was a weed, but I refused to pull it until we were sure. I did some googling… and sure enough… the first sprouts were the tomatoes, and the big one is zucchini. I’m constantly amazed at how resilient these little seedlings are. We’ll transplant the zucchini to another bed once he’s a little bigger and healthier.


Tomato, followed by Zucchini.


Watermelon babies.

In other plant surprises, if you’ll recall, last fall we planted some kale and spinach just for fun in a small bed near the cabin. We got quite a bit of good kale and spinach out of it. Then winter came… 3 feet of snow happened… then spring happened… the mint sprouted (which was expected), and this other thing sprouted. A KALE SPROUT. Kale isn’t supposed to be a perennial. But here it is, after surviving the whole winter, sprouting. It has continued to grow and grow, and is now flowering and starting to seed. We’re actually out of kale seeds at the moment, so how rad would it be to harvest seeds from this little dude? What better plant to harvest from, too? This thing has SURVIVED. We’ll have the toughest kale around.


Super Kale.

In other news, we had a black bear on our porch a couple weeks ago! Around 1:30am there was a big ol’ CRASH on our porch, and I woke R up, did you hear that?? I got up and went downstairs, shined the flashlight onto the porch; I could see our little pile of firewood knocked over and the ax in the driveway, and my half-a-bag of duck food missing. Yeah, yeah, I shouldn’t have stored duck food outside, but it had been there for like a month with no issues! I’m not used to living with bears yet!


Look at our Turnips!

So R, sleepily, from the loft, is like, so the skunks are back? And I’m all like, well, I don’t think a skunk could drag off 20 pounds of duck food, so… So he gets up, and goes outside, and sure enough, 50 feet away, is a big ol’ black bear with Amelia’s food. R starts yelling and throwing stuff at him, honking the car horn and such, and the bear just kind of grumbles and walks off. It must’ve been uncomfortable enough for the bear though, because he never returned for the duck food. Neighbor told us if we don’t have pictures it didn’t happen… but it happened!

Also, lizards:

IMG_20160602_180151_423 (1)

Also, Columbian Silk Moths! (Ok, this wasn’t at the ranch, it was at work in town, but STILL). How cool, and fuzzy, are they?!



Also, Amelia’s been busy:


All the eggs.

Also, the furry kids are figuring it out:


Right before Arches slaps the dog…

That’s all our updates for now! It changes daily around here 🙂

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