We’re getting ready for Winter! That’s pretty much what summer is for. Preparing for winter. All of our firewood so far is from our little acre; unhealthy or crowded trees that R fell last year and have been drying all this time. So we rented a wood-splitter for a day, and well, split wood! We have just over 2 cords of wood split and stacked so far, and we probably could use one more to comfortably get through winter.


One of the many piles.


Look how pretty oak and juniper is when first split!

We’ve discovered that Loki absolutely DOES NOT CARE if firewood is being thrown at him. After a day full of splitting wood, we back the truck down to the pile, fill the truck, drive up to the house, and I chuck it all out of the truck while R stacks it. And Loki, in all of his brilliance, stands right in front of the pile where I’m throwing wood, and waits for the next log. The smaller pieces he tries to catch. The bigger pieces he’ll slowly side-step so it doesn’t smack him, or he’ll just let it smash into him. Then he’ll pick up one that he likes, and lay right down to chew on it. While the wood I’m still throwing out of the truck just smashes into him. He barely even twitches. He’s a weirdo.




Loki, get your frisbee out of the truck!

But look at our stash so far! We’re coming up on our year anniversary of living out here (the 29th of August!), and we are vastly more prepared for winter this year. Last year, we had to purchase all of our firewood, which cost us nearly $500 for the season. This year, so far our cost is $60 for the wood-splitter for the day, and the cost of running the chainsaw. Minimal compared to last year. And with how busy it’s been in town the past few months, we are actually looking forward to the quiet of winter.


Stash! Loki even matches.

On a side note, look at my watermelon plant! It’s not growing a watermelon yet, but it’s definitely attempting to take over the greenhouse.


Watermelon taking over.



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