Our little town got pummeled with snow a couple of weeks ago!


That’s R in the background trying to get some snow off the roof.

We got 6 feet of snow in a week. The office I work in was shut down 4 out of 5 days, and we got to spend that time at home both dealing with, and enjoying, the storm. I don’t even want to think about how much snow we shoveled… just a crazy amount. We were all sore – Loki included. Because he does things like this:



Goofy dog. He loves it.

A lot of our energy was put into making sure nothing we had collapsed… like the dog run, the bird coop, the greenhouse…



During a peek of sunshine between snow storms.

Our house stood up to all the snow very well, the woodstove inside heats up the roof pretty quickly and big sheets of snow and ice just slide right off. Since we kept up with it pretty well, we haven’t seen any major damage on any of our structures because of the heavy snow.



It was awesome being able to snuggle up in the sunroom with the woodstove going, just watching the snow come down. It just wouldn’t stop! We are so happy to see it all too, even though it is hard to deal with that much of it at once. Southwest Colorado has been in such a terrible drought (last Winter we got basically no snow at all), so to see all this on the ground is a relief. We’re hoping some of our poor pines that have been looking so sad come back to life this Summer, and the wild plants should actually flower and fruit this year, providing some much needed food for the wildlife. We’ll actually have a RIVER in town this year, instead of a sad creek! And fire danger shouldn’t be as bad as last year.




As we were continually trying to keep our driveway clear so we could get out if we needed to, we eventually came across the issue of not having anywhere to put the snow anymore…



You can only throw snow so high at some point. I mean, look at that! That snow pile is like 8 feet high on both sides! At one point I gave up and starting throwing snow to the other side of the road. Then, of course, the plow comes by and piles up another 2 feet of snow/ice chunks right in front of your driveway. It’s great. Luckily we had stocked up and didn’t have to go anywhere for 4 days. We were snowed in and it was awesome.





Eventually, the sun came out and the storm had rolled by. I couldn’t resist doing a few  minutes of yoga in the snow…


The birds handled the storm pretty well – their coop held up fantastic and the chickens got a little curious and hopped out a few times into the snow. One of them even started laying eggs again!


Check out how high it got next to the house…


It made for an interesting week for us, that’s for sure. We got a workout and a half and felt extremely grateful for the sun when it came back out. Now it’s March and it has been sunny and in the 40s this week, so the piles of snow are melting fast into big muddy messes!

Springtime is going to be absolutely beautiful here.



2 thoughts on “Snowmaggedon.

  1. Nice pics! Glad you guys survived the artic blast and got some much needed precip. We’ve gotten a lot here in Kanab too! But don’t start braggin’ just yet. Hancock, MI where my daughter lives is currently at 266″ of snow for this season and it snows there until at least April! You guys are just getting started. Love you!!!!!


  2. Your pics are beautiful. We’ve had a lot of snow here in Kansas too. Yesterday we were supposed to get 7 inches, but only 3 came, I’m glad so the kids could go to school. I can’t wait to get another dog so I can watch her enjoy the snow and all the fun stuff!


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